About Us

KLIA Porter Service offer great deals to manage light, bulky, heavy or multiple items of luggage within the airport.

Our Porters are stationed ready to help you on the terminal forecourts in departures or in the baggage hall in arrivals, alternatively you can pre-book our services online, by log in to this website OR you can go to our nearest counter and book our service anytime!

Personal Luggage Assistant: Our friendly and efficient staff will standby and wait for your arrival and deliver the item. If you face with any online booking problem, our staff will help you to book our service manually. All you need to do is go to our nearest counter and ask our dedicated staff to entertain and help you.

Fast & Swift Delivery: Running out of time? Don’t worry, we will manage and sent your item / luggage in a fast and swift way. Online booking is open 24 hours.

Safe & Secure Guard: You don’t have to worry while using our service as your item is safe with us. If you have any problems regarding our service, please ask the person in charge at our nearest counter.